Coco Holidays has embarked on a small scale environmentally friendly project which is our way of encouraging sustainability in Mauritius:

1.A 2.5kWp Grid Tie Photovoltaic system has been installed at our house and is fully operational as of December 2012.

2.We have installed a flat panel solar powered water heating  system which heats all the water used in the house.

3.We use low energy light bulbs where possible.

4.Bathrooms have pump dispensers for soap and shower gel/shampoo which eliminates the need for small plastic bottles which would otherwise find their way into landfill.

5.Guests are encouraged to recycle their newspapers/magazines, plastic & glass bottles, drinks cartons.

6.Many of the breakfast ingredients are sourced locally from greengrocers in the local market so all the fruit & vegetables, jams & marmalades, and other incidental raw ingredients come from there.

7.Garden wastes and kitchen peelings/egg shells are composted. This is then used to fertilize our mini veg patch.

8.Garden pots and hanging baskets are watered from rain water collected from the roof.

9.Flower beds are watered using filtered kitchen dishwashing water.

10. Guests are encouraged to use  filtered tap water provided by us instead of purchasing bottled water. 

 Grid Tie Photovoltaic sytem

 Solar Hot Water system

 Rainwater Harvesting system